Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment

Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment


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Manual de la National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, es el libro más completo que he encontrado sobre el magnetismo en los barcos y como ajustarlo.


This document has been prepared in order to present all pertinent information regarding the practical procedures of magnetic compass adjustment in one text. As such, it treats of the basic principles of compass deviations and their correction, and not of the details of particular compass equipment.

Although this text is presented as a systematic treatise on compass adjustment, ship’s personnel who are inexperienced with compass correction will find sufficient information in Chapters I and XIV to eliminate compass errors satisfactorily without intensive study of the entire text. Reference should also be made to figure 318 for condensed information regarding the various compass errors and their correction.

In this handbook, the term compass adjustment refers to any changes of permanent magnet of soft iron correctors whereby normal compass errors are reduced. The term compass compensation refers to any change in the current supplied to compass compensating coils whereby the errors due to degaussing are reduced.

The basic text is the outgrowth of lecture notes prepared by Nye S. Spencer and George F. Kucera while presenting courses of instruction in adjustment and compensation during World War II at the Magnetic Compass Demonstration Station, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia.

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